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lemon craze
25th-Nov-2007 12:18 pm - Christmas icons
Hermione winter
The holidays are coming and I decided to make some icons.

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1st-Oct-2007 08:50 pm - Back
Check the rest later
I've been busy in RL and internet-less for several months, but I want to make up for the lost time ;)
So... request time again. If you want me to make something (icons, textures, banners, mood themes, layouts) drop a comment with as many details as you can.
ETA: if you've made a request before I went awol and you still want it, please comment and refresh my memory :)
28th-Jan-2007 02:30 pm - Bases: Chocolate and Music
Carson office
[30] Chocolate
[10] Music

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14th-Jan-2007 12:31 pm - SGA icons
Carson irr
Icons from Rising, Hide & Seek and Echoes(Non-spoilery).

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13th-Jan-2007 01:53 pm - Layout tutorial: Opal (S2)
nine & rose
We'll go from Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.
There are no images used for this, just css coding.

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11th-Jan-2007 02:42 pm(no subject)
Carson office
If you have a large amount of text and images, you don't always want them to take all you page's space. To do that, you have several options. The most common one is using frames. In my opinion, frames are bad, really really bad :) so we'll use something else.
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