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Layout: S2 - Variable Flow

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I decided to try to work with the original coding for a layout and customize it from scratch. I chose Variable Flow for that :)

It's a simple layout, without a sidebar.

Setting it up
Go to Customize Journal.

Basics -> select S2 in the Style System section

Look and Feel -> select Variable Flow and for Theme select Default

Custom options -> Click on Custom CSS
Use layout's stylesheet(s): No
Paste this code in the Custom stylesheet box:

I have added a few comments and grouped the related pieces to it's easier to customize it.

The patters was made by peoplemachines

If you want any customizations (different color, different header) let me know. Can't promise I'll do it straight away, but I'll do it as soon as I can. If you want to customize it yourself and have questions, feel free to ask :)

If you use it, please credit lemon_craze

I plan to do this thing for other layouts and I'd appreciate any suggestions.
Tags: layout : non-fandom, layout: variable flow
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