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More recs

I know I should be doing new stuff, but inspiration is in hibernation.
I want to recommend two great communities:

the_lj_reboot - The LJ Reboot is a chance for users all across LiveJournal to rethink, revamp, and revitalize their LiveJournal layouts — in other words, to completely reboot their designs.
This comm has tutorials, resource links some great examples for inspiration.

thefulcrum - A comm for Bloggish, Expressive, Flexible Squares, Nebula, Smooth Sailing and Tranquility II layouts. You can find non-fandom layouts here, and these layouts are amazing.
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Still alive

I haven't been very productive lately, with uni taking up most of my time, but there are a few things I've discovered and I recommend to you.

* EditPlus (shareware) - I've been using this at work for html, php, mysql, c++ and java code and it's a great tool. Not complex like the Visual Studio stuff, but much better than notepad :)
* TopStyle (shareware) - Editor for css, with a very useful previewing tool
* Flock (freeware) - Browser, very close to Firefox, with a very nice and easy way to upload pictures if you have a photobucket account.
* Google Desktop (freeware) - It has a few useful gadgets, which include: desktop&web search (with image previews for the pages you visited), clock, CPU&memory monitor, email alert (for gmail), rss feeds, scratch pad (you can write stuff you want to remember) and a lot of other gadgets you can download for free.

Graphics-related links coming soon.
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Hello everyone :)

I'm going to have a bit of free time and I'm taking requests from you.

You can ask for anything you've seen me post here (brushes, textures, bases, icons, wallpapers, mood themes, layouts).

Tell me as much as you can about what you want or give me links to the images I should use.

Have a nice weekend :)